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Welcome to Book Box AU.
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We persist in pioneering the next generation of curated Book Boxes. 

At Book Box AU, our dedication to innovation goes hand in hand with a steadfast commitment to our mission and values. 


Born from a revolutionary discovery, our mission is to redefine personalised reading experiences, setting a new standard in book curation. We believe in values that prioritise diversity, joy, and the transformative power of storytelling. As pioneers in this narrative, we're not just curating books; we're shaping a future where reading becomes an extraordinary journey tailored to each unique reader.

Co-Founders, Book Box AU

Meet the Team: 

Why We Started:
In December 2022, two dreamers ignited Book Box Australia, Kate, a lifelong book enthusiast, and Carl, a tech maestro. Fueled by a shared vision, they crafted a haven for book lovers, aiming to cut through the sea of choices with a uniquely magical experience.


Carl - The Tech-Savvy Bookworm:
Carl, the genius behind our Book Boxes. Beyond circuits, he orchestrates logistics, delivery, and finances seamlessly. Dive into his world of continuous improvement, where each box is crafted with passion to elevate your reading.


Kate - The Face of the Brand:
Meet Kate, the radiant face, and heartstring of our community. Beyond enchanting realms, she's the maestro of marketing and social media. She's not just a curator; she's your friend, your guide, and the source of fantastic book recommendations.


Leo - The Feline Mastermind:
And there's Leo, our charming feline overlord. As the self-appointed supervisor, Leo ensures every box meets the highest standards of delight. His irresistible charm has us wrapped around his little paw.


Our Promise:
Together, Carl, Kate, and Leo form the dynamic trio behind Book Box AU—a blend of tech, literature, and feline charm. Each box is a doorway to enchanting stories, curated with love, passion, and a genuine desire to make your reading extraordinary.



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A curated reading experience backed by a love for literature.

Mission & Vission

At Book Box AU, our mission is to elevate the joy of reading. Committed to this purpose, we make a simple promise—to deliver personalised book boxes that you will love. 


Inspired by decades of storytelling exploration that led to pivotal breakthroughs in curating captivating reads, our thoughtfully crafted book boxes are concentrated in diverse genres and proven to immerse readers optimally in the world of each story.

Our Impact

At Book Box AU, we've joined hands with local communities to advance the love for reading. Through our ongoing commitment to street libraries, we strive to build a passionate community for Australians who share a profound affection for book boxes.


Together, we've established the Pioneering Readers in Literary Exploration (PRLE) initiative. This program aims to support and uplift local communities by frequent donations to street libraries, fostering a love for reading through curated book boxes. Our commitment extends beyond the pages, embracing the development of a community that values the transformative power of literature.


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