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Mother's Day Book Box

Mother's Day Book Box

SOLD OUT! Gift Book Boxes can still be purchased for your loved one -> learn more



Step 1: Build - Complete our in-depth Gift Questionnaire where you can tell us all about their bookish preferences.

Step 2: Purchase - Pick how many books you want curated for your loved one and buy!

Step 3: Enjoy - Sit back and await to hear about how amazing a gifter you are.

Don't know your loved one's Bookish preferences?
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Double Up Guarantee * NEW *

If we've meticulously curated your book and mistakenly sent you a duplicate, we would be delighted to facilitate a return and provide you with a replacement copy at no additional cost.


Australia wide free shipping!

Note: Orders are sent out first Monday of each week! Shipment cut off Friday midnight.

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The ultimate Mother's Day gift, what's not to love!

We carefully select and curate every single Book and items based on your Questionnaire!!

We're the best Book Box in Australia AND

We're not afraid to tell you why 🤎

Spoil her with a tailored book!

We'll ensure each Book you receive is matched to her bookish preferences perfectly!

Unforgettable unboxing experience

Gift your mother the joy of unboxing and opening each and every perfectly curated item!

Easy to fill in Gift Questionnaire

Our highly in-depth and user friendly Questionnaire makes for an amazing experience!

Fast & Free shipping

Reliable, fast and free shipping. What's not to love about that!

  • 1. Build

    Complete our fun and easy Gift Questionnaire, so that you can tell us all about their Bookish preferences.

  • 2. Purchase

    Pick how many books you want curated for your loved one and buy!

  • 3. Enjoy

    Sit back and relax while we curate the best personalised Book Box for them. Arriving at their front door with fast and free shipping!

What's in their Book Box?

When completing our Gift Questionnaire you can choose between 4 different premium styles of Book Boxes!
Chocolates, slices, chips, etc..
Mugs, Totes, Annotation Supplies, etc..
Facial masks, bath bomb, candle, etc..
A little bit of everything!